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Light Duty Supports - For Models SW, SWC, AW, AWC, SSR, SSRC, SAR, SARC, BTT25

Light Duty Supports (LS Type)
Support Diagram
Models Conveyor Depth
SSR, SSRC, Ball Transfer in SSR 2-3/4"
SW, SWC, Ball Transfer in SW 2-13/16"
138NSP, NSPC 9-3/4"
138ACC, LRC 6-3/4"

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Standard Sizes & Prices
(min - max)
Model No. Overall Width Model No. Single Center Leg
12" 15" 18" 24"
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7-5/16"-9-1/6" LS-01 LSC-01
10-5/16"-13-5/16" LS-02 LSC-02
12-15/16"-15-15/16" LS-03 LSC-03
15-15/16"-21-15/16" LS-04 LSC-04
19-15/16"-25-15/16" LS-05 LSC-05
23-15/16"-35-15/16" LS-06 LSC-06
33-15/16"-45-15/16" LS-07 LSC-07
45-15/16"-57-15/16" LS-08 LSC-08