Sales FAQs

  1. Can I get help selecting a conveyor?
    • Absolutely. Please contact us. We can help!

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  2. I can't find exactly what I need. Are more products available?
    • Yes! We carry a complete line of conveying equipment. Please contact us for more assistance.

      You can try the Search feature located in the store.
      You can request a catalog.
      You can contact us as noted below.
      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  3. Is more dimensional information available?
    • Yes! Contact us to let us know what you need.

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  4. Can I have someone review my order to make sure I did this right?
    • Yes! If you select the "Contact me prior to ordering this item" box on any item, we will contact you to review your order before continuing the process.
  5. Can we get a formal quote on what we need?
    • Yes. You can contact us directly and/or comment in the "Additional Notes:" field in any product selection page.

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  6. Can we get a sales representative to visit us?
    • Yes. Contact us to arrange a site visit.

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  7. Do you sell internationally?
    • Yes, although all sales are in U.S. dollars. We will contact you for the appropriate shipping information.
  8. What is your mailing address?
    • TriFactor
      2401 Drane Field Road
      Lakeland, FL 33811

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417

Fulfillment FAQs

  1. Are local, state or federal taxes included?
    • No. We will add any appropriate taxes to your final bill. If you are tax exempt, please note this during the checkout process by indicating it in the appropriate pull down menu. If you have indicated you are exempt and we do not have a certificate on file, we will require a copy prior to completing this transaction.
  2. Who do I make out the purchase order to?
    • TriFactor
      2401 Drane Field Road
      Lakeland, FL 33811

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  3. Where do I send the Tax Exemption Certificate?
    • Mail it to us or fax to the attention of Web Sales.

      2401 Drane Field Road
      Lakeland, FL 33811

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  4. Where do I send a drawing?
    • If faxable, send it to the attention of Web Sales at . If it is in electronic format, email to . We use AutoCAD 2000 as our drawing program. Please send all other drawing types in .DXF format. We recommend compressing the file in a zip format. Or else, send us a CD-Rom or disk with the drawings in the mail.

      2401 Drane Field Road
      Lakeland, FL 33811

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  5. Will I get an acknowledgement of the order?
    • Yes. We will contact you via email with the final total and the expected arrival date and tracing information.
  6. What are my payment options?
    • Currently we accept:

      Check with prior approval
      Purchase orders with credit approval. An online credit application is available for your use.
      Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  7. What are the Terms and Conditions?
  8. Where can I get a Credit Application?

Support FAQs

  1. What happens after I place an order?
    • We review the order and contact you if you have indicated as such.
    • We review all of the appropriate payment and shipping information to make sure we have that settled.
    • We initiate the electronic ordering of the material.
    • Your equipment is pulled from stock, and any accessories added.
    • We crate up your equipment and load it on a waiting carrier.
    • We send you the shipping acknowledgement and tracing information.
    • We invoice you when the transaction is complete.
  2. Will I get an order acknowledgement?
    • Yes. We will contact you via email with the final total and the expected arrival date and tracing information.
  3. Where does my invoice come from?
    • From our accounting office at:
      2401 Drane Field Road
      Lakeland, FL 33811
  4. Who supports me after the sale?
    • Our Customer Service department whom you can contact at .
  5. Who do I contact if my conveyor needs service?
    • Our Customer Service department whom you can contact at .
  6. Are you OSHA compliant?

Installation FAQs

  1. Is this equipment easy for us to install?
    • An installation and maintenance manual is included with each powered conveyor. Some basic mechanical tools and skills are required. The tools required for non-powered equipment are:

      • 3/8" drive socket set
      • hammer drill
      • chalk line
      • plumb bob
      • tape measure
      • 4 ft. level
      • complete set of open ended wrenches
      • banding cutters
      • lift equipment
  2. Can you install the equipment for us?
    • Yes! We offer complete mechanical and electrical installation of all the equipment sold on this site.
  3. How much does it cost to install this equipment?
    • We would like to provide you a written quote after we have reviewed all the details of the installation based on the equipment you are ordering. Contact us.

      Phone: 1-888-247-2417
  4. How much planned maintenance does my equipment require?
    • Non-powered equipment requires very little maintenance. Generally you need to consistently make sure the equipment is in a safe operating condition.

      Powered equipment, like any machinery, requires that you follow the recommended schedule included in each manual.

      We offer planned maintenance programs for this equipment as well equipment provided by others. Contact us at .

Returns FAQs

  1. What is the return policy?
    • The return policy is as follows:

      • TriFactor approval is required prior to any return.
      • We will issue a Return Authorization card to accompany the shipment.

      Effective October 1, 2000 Hytrol's restock guideline is as follows:

      • Only stockyard items may be returned.
      • Minimum restock is 25% of MSRP. and a $50.00 minimum dollar amount.
      • Items to be returned to the Jonesboro, AR facility where assembly originated.
      • Items must be returned in original crate if possible, along with the return goods authorization tag.
      • All shipment must be prepaid. All collect shipments will be refused and returned to the sender.
  2. Where do I get a return authorization card?
    • Send an email to .

      Indicate your order number and reason for the return request. We will process the request and contact you with the appropriate info as soon as possible.

Freight & Handling FAQs

  1. How much does shipping cost?
    • Hytrol is recognized as a national account with many freight carriers. The actual cost for freight is determined by the total size, weight of the load and the final destination. The carrier will calculate the final total based on these parameters.
  2. How long will it take to receive my equipment?
    • Your order is processed immediately after we have the shipping and payment information resolved.

      We ship the material from the warehouse in 24 to 48 hours. Normal transit time to the east coast states is 2 -3 days. Normal transit time to the west coast is 5 to 7 days.

      If you have an urgent matter, please let us know. We can attempt to expedite the process.
  3. What do I do if something is damaged in transit?
    • Don't let the driver leave without noting the damage on the bill of lading. Ask the driver what the claims process is.

      YOU NEED TO FILE THE CLAIM. We cannot do this for you.
  4. Can we use our corporate shipping account with our carriers?
    • If you have an account with any of the carriers that we offer, you should choose to ship the items "collect". The carrier will collect from you in the usual manner. We cannot ship by carriers other than those offered at this time.